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« Je tenais à vous dire que j’avais reçu la râpe dans les délais.

Merci pour cette magnifique râpe ! S’en servir est un vrai régal : que du plaisir, et c’est important dans le travail.

J’ai une autre râpe piquée main, mais elle ne me convenait pas ; je comprends aujourd’hui pourquoi.

Voilà, je tenais à vous remercier pour cet outil de qualité. J’ai aussi beaucoup apprécié votre disponibilité.

J’espère que cela ne vous dérange pas ; j’ai mis vos sites internet dans ma page de liens. »



  • Didier, France.

« De retour après une petite absence, c’est avec beaucoup de plaisir que j’ai pris possession du colis qui m’attendait bien sagement.

Comme je l’imaginais, c’est du beau travail ! Il ne me reste plus qu’à mériter ces outils qui vous permettre à mes mains de s’exprimer au mieux.

Je ne doute pas que je reviendrai vers vous pour des achats futurs. Encore bravo et longue vie au savoir-faire Français. Cocorico ! »


  • Tom Jarosck, USA.

« Merci pour ma râpe. C’est incredible.

J’ai acheté une râpe bleu sapphire. Je travaille faire de canot.  La râpe aider moi beaucoup. C’est très bel.

Tom Jarosch ( Je suis un Americain.  J’espere que mon Francais est bien. ) »


  • Etienne P., France.

« Mon père est très content de vos outils, on ne peut qu’apprécier la qualité, c’est incomparable avec les râpes du commerce. Vos outils ont une âme, on sent qu’ils ont été fait avec amour, aussi bien du manche en bois qu’à la pointe en acier … Je ferai appel à vous les yeux fermés dès que je voudrais d’autres râpes de qualité ! »


  • Mr Doyen,  Belgique.
    « On dit que le bon outil ne fait pas le bon ouvrier, mais avec les vôtres, il devient très facile, en plus, de pouvoir s’exprimer.Merci beaucoup pour votre maîtrise.Vous pouvez compter sur ma fidélité, au fil du temps, pour mes prochaines commandes et je n’hésiterai pas à vous recommander. »
  • Richard D. Wile fabrique un tiroir pour râpes (son blog)                                                                                                      “I knew I needed to do something to keep my rasps organized. Not only to appeal to my “need” for order but to keep them from rubbing against one another and dulling them in the drawer.Since I use these almost everyday, I dedicated the top drawer in my main bench cabinet and tried out a few sizes until I found a working layout. The gap between the dividers is 1.5” which is the smallest I could use and still fit the handles in. The dividers are 1/4” thick oak I ripped from leftover scrap and ran through the planer to be exactly the thickness to match my finger-joint blade set for the table saw.I have both Auriou and Liogier hand cut rasps, although I prefer the cut of the Liogier which better suits my style of use. The black ones in the picture are Liogier Sapphire line which is WAY harder than the others and I wish I had bought them all along – they stay sharp forever.I had several other types and once you have used these the others are just glorified files.”

Lien vers ce post sur le Forum Lumberjocks ici.


  • Tony, un client anglais
    Salut Noël  J’ai utilisées mes nouvelles râpes pour quelques soirs maintenant et elles sont au-delà de mes espoirs ou attentes. La différence entre eux et mes autres râpes est immense, elles travaillent si proprement et facilement avec très peu de pression. Je les adore, surtout la grain n°13 qui laisse une belle finition tout en enlevant de la matière rapidement. Je voudrais avoir entendu parler de vous avant d’essayer d’autres râpes.  Je vais certainement commander à nouveau! (une n°6 ou n°7 bientôt :))  CordialementTony


“This tool works amazingly fast and properly. The stitch #9 you have allows even rough initial shaping. Nevertheless the surface it leaves is relatively fine. To my understanding the quality Noel makes belongs to the very best. Worldwide.”

Full post on UK Workshop Forum here.


  • Brett Gregory, Katoomba

“I can’t believe how much I use Noel’s rasps, and how much they have changed the way I do some things, or indeed make things possible.”


  •   Richard Waltz, Illinois.
    “I received the rasps yesterday and they are awesome. I can tell I will reach for the smaller one frequently. Give the stitcher(s) my thanks for a great rasp. I’m sure I will be ordering more in the future.”
  • Bill Bronaugh, un  fabricant de bateau de la région des Grands Lacs.

« Noel, I cant thank you enough! What a wonderful tool you have made me. The performance of it is just amazing and the feel of it in the hand is just so very comfortable.
I had started to second guess my chouce of grain size, wondering if it would be aggressive enough but I am completely satisfied with it. It cuts fast and also very cleanly leaving a surface that is very easily cleaned up.
I like the handle. It too feels very nice. It is quite ergonomic and a handle is a welcome addition to any rasp or file.
The overall fit and finish of it is very pleasing, high quality and a refreshing and welcomed change from other mass produced tools, particularly rasps and files whach are very hard to make look and feel like a high class tool. You however, are able to do this.
Very Kindest Regards, »


  •  Tony M., un client de notre boutique en ligne

« Your rasps arrived today, they are exceptional. I am hopeful that your family will make these tools this way for many more generations. I am looking foward to future purchases.
Much thanks – Tony »


« I got the handlemaker rasp, I have tried it, it is very sharp and works a treat. Although I am slowing down in plane making, it will be a treat to use it and I am sure I will use it often.

Many thanks. »


  •   &   Membres de forum WoodNet.

Jokerbird (message complet ici)

« A few weeks ago, I decided to complete my collection of rasps.

I had 3 Auriou rasps which I bought from Lee Valley a while back.. A round, a #6 and a #10. So I decided to buy Liogier rasps.. To round off the collection..

I got a #13 and two model maker rasps, a #11 and a #15 ..

These are fine rasps, but I wanted that..

Gotta say, the Logier are very nicely made .. Outstanding .. A real feeling of quality ..

The handles are different.. not better or worse to me, just different.. At first I didn’t like the black rings but as soon as I started using the #13.. It went away .. lol

At this early stage, I would say the Liogier are every bit as well done as the Auriou.. Anyone who is into rasps will know, that is a real compliment..

I am commenting on the Liogier without commenting on the Auriou because IMO .. Auriou are well known in my neck of the woods as being the top end..

If I needed another rasp, today, I would not hesitate to buy a Liogier and hang them in the same rack as my Auriou ..

Top shelf stuff.. »


Joemac (message complet ici)

« I too have both Auriou and Liogier. I cannot truly say that one is better than the other as both are superb. If I were forced to choose, I would choose Liogier for two reasons, neither of which have to do with performance.

Liogier are cheaper, and Liogier come in hard plastic cases which protect the tool better than Auriou’s flexible plastic sheath.

This is just one man’s opinion. »


« I did want to let you know how much i LOVE the rasp you made me….it is everything I was hoping for and more. Fantastic job…well done!!!

Thank you again….keep up the great work. 🙂 »


  •   Shoji, un bottier professionnel au Japon.

« It is fantastic! You are the best rasp maker in the world. I will make good shoe last with your rasp. »


  • Christian V.

« Il est des jours heureux : Car en plus de votre magnifique site, en plus de vos outils merveilleux, j’ai été gratifié d’un contact chaleureux, honnête, riche.
Bravo de maintenir une tradition, la Tradition !
Bravo pour la qualité de vos râpes rifloirs etc.
Merci pour la chaleur de votre contact »


 « I have several Liogier hand stitched rasps which are made in France. I would compare them to Auriou rasps as every bit as good and less expensive with a wider selection.To make matters even better, they offer left and right handed rasps at no additional cost. »

« I recently bought a few of Noel’s rasps and find them superior to the Auriou ones out of the box (wrap). They use a similar hand-stitching process as Auriou but they seem to cut better. When the time comes to replace my older Aurious I will only be going to Liogier. The personalized handles option is very cool also. »



  •    Popular Woodworking Magazine, April 2012

« I ordered a couple of cabinetmaker’s rasps and have been using them for the last few months.These tools are a delight to use, and well worth the price.

I tested a 250mm No. 9 grain and a 200mm No. 11 grain. These are middle of the road in size and grain, and either would be a good introduction. The handles are comfortable, the teeth are sharp and consistent and the tools simply felt like part of my hand. They remove material quickly, but with an amazing amount of control. The finish left on the wood is nice; a quick follow-up with a card scraper removes the fine tooth marks.

The variety of sizes, shapes and grains (coarseness of cut) of available tools is staggering, and left- and right-handed versions are available. Start with one, use it for a while and you’ll soon be ordering more.« 

Robert W. Lang

Link to the magazine here.


« Tus escofinas son posiblemente la mejor compra que he hecho en mucho tiempo, son absolutamente imprescindible para alcanzar los resultados que alguien exigente como yo necesita, tus herramientas son impresionantes y totalmente satisfactorias, estoy muy contento con ellas y te aseguro desde aqui que siempre se las recomiendo a todos los amigos con los que hablo sobre el tema. »


  • Richard Wile, a skilled woodworker in Nova Scotia, Canada

« The rasps arrived a while ago and have had a chance to use them a few times. Here’s a shot of the flat rasp doing a tenon cheek. Scroll down a couple of pics.
I have also been working on shaping the rest of the seats for my dining set and have to say the rasps are amazing and they cut like nothing I have other used before. You have a new convert, I will be ordering more soon enough! Keep up the great work! »


  • Gareth, a member of UKworkshop Forum :

« I have had a chance to look at the rasp this evening and it is quite a tool. My experience of rasps is minimal and confined to a very cheap set from B&Q that is considerably coarser than the Liogier. Nevertheless I will compare and contrast.

A lump of unsuspecting pine 10 strokes of the B&Q witha fair bit of pressure

10 strokes of the Liogier with

light pressure

Boy can you feel it cutting!

Rounding over B&Q Rounding Over Liogier More detail of the same

The cutting power is amazing and far better than I would have thought just looking at the grain of the Liogier Rasp, the coarser rasps must be like a belt sander. As you can see the difference on the pine is huge with virtually no shredding of the fibers just a beautiful cutting action. The difference is less marked on the Walnut but the smoothness is in a different league and would take hardly any sanding for final finishing. »

Full thread here.


  • Douglas, another member of UKworkshop Forum :

Very first impressions brilliant. I read the Pop Woodworking review and had to go check one thing. The obvious competitor is Auriou, and PW imply the price is similar, but I think not. I had looked at one Liogier rasp at around 48 euros… about half the price of the Auriou.
I need to investigate more, but I tested the Liogier briefly on the nastiest piece of oak I had, and it is very easy to control, fast to remove stock (relative to it’s grain) and leaves a very good finish. These rasps may well be heading to my ‘need’ list

The day after :

“Spent a little time with the rasp now, not much but enough to know it works extremely well. Here’s a very quick test on some African blackwood, end-grain. Light pressure, varying the stroke angle for a great finish which took under one minute.


The rasp produces fine particles, not dust. I felt that light pressure was generally enough, especially for the final strokes. It’s very comfortable to hold and use, with balance forward over the blade. The handle is nicely finished beech – not fancy but done well.”

Full messages here.


A couple of days later, he additionally commented : « I rate it very highly, up with the more expensive Auriou. Along with Steve, I will be ordering v soon. 5 star plus from me.


Next post here : Had a quick try-out with the new 6″ half-round – it is going to be very good indeed. The 13 grain is capable of a really fine finish, by reducing pressure to very slight, and varying the orientation across the stock. But these rasps are also capable of removing stock quickly (even the finer grain ones). A very worthwhile investment I think, and a world away from the cheap machine-cut ones« 

  • Jim, another member of UKworkshop Forum :

« The rasp comes in a protective plastic box which is great as these tools are often damaged by other hardened steel nearby. The steel is obviously high quality which would be expected in a high class product but I was a little disappointed by the handle and pressed ferrule…I guess I am a bit of a traditionalist, preferring a brass ferrule….it’s just a small point and doesn’t of course affect the quality of the finished cut.

The stitching is a work of art…  and a pleasure to see.

Having watched the video it is clearly done by a true craftsman, something to be admired.

So…I thought I would try some softwood first because I happened to have a piece that was a stand for my model yacht…which has been modified by my new puppy!!!

That is quite a lot of stock to remove for a fine rasp…but it only took a couple of minutes… …and it was done.

Of particular interest was the amount of control you feel with this rasp. It goes where you steer it and for anyone doing some accurate shaping… You can be assured that it will quickly take off the waste but not overcut at all where you don’t want it to. I deliberately tried to finish in straight lines by eye and the result was impressive. On the round side…again…cutting was easy, quick and accurate and finally on the transition…V-grooves and other shapes can be cut with ease.

This is an expensive tool but great value given the work that goes into itand the results it produces. »

Full message here.


  • Larry, a canadian woodworker :


I ordered 2 rasps on the webstore, cabinet maker #9 and flat iron #9 10 days ago, on a Friday. Within 30 minutes of ordering on-line I received an email explaining that they did heat treatment on Thursdays so my order would ship the following Friday. This morning Canada Post was at my door step with the package. Fantastic service, faster shipping than ordering within Canada or from the USA.
Comparing to my Auriou rasp, both #9’s, the teeth on the Liogier appear to be deeper set and sharper.


Noel, thanks for the great rasps and the excellent service from easy on-line ordering, timely email confirmation to delivery. »

Full message here.


  • Michael H., an australian woodworker :

« Noel I received your rasps today and they are, simply put, staggeringly good. Thank you for keeping a craft alive into the 22nd century! »


  • Rod, a member of UKWorkshop Forum :

This is an excerpt from a comparative test done on the forum UKWorkshop by one member for the other forum members. The complete message is here.

« When I purchased my Aurious a few years ago I tended towards the finer grades as they remove material at a tremendous rate and the Liogier is no exception. I worked on the walnut for no more than 3 or 4 minutes and the rasp left a very clean finish that would only need a bit of sanding to complete.


The  Dick ones are not in the same league. Their cut rate is much slower and they leave a coarse finish. Comparing the two French ones is more difficult especially as I did not have identical types to compare.
They both perform very well. The stitching on the Liogier is more uniform/accurate and has a nice balance.

The Auriou handle is perhaps more stylish but the Liogiers is more chunky and I preferred it as it fitted my hand better.

The Liogier much cheaper than the Auriou. »


  • Robert W. Lang, from Popular Woodworking Magazine :

« I took some time yesterday afternoon to put the 250mm #9 grain, and 200mm #11 grain into action in shaping this walnut handle, and was pleased with this short test drive.

Both rasps were sharp, removed material expeditiously and left a nice surface, everything I would expect in a first class rasp. These also had a great feel to them, nicely balanced and with a great deal of control. Some tools feel like they are part of your hands, and these are in that class of tool.

There is a video on the company’s website that shows the process, and when you understand the work that goes into making a great rasp, they begin to seem like a bargain instead of an extravagance »

Full article here. And his comment a few days later :

« Definitley comparable in quality to the Auriou. I got the standard finish in order to make a better comparison. »


  • Mark Aylward, an australian professional woodworker (his website) :

This is an excerpt from a post made on the Woodwork Forums.

« Like many others on the forum, I was already drooling after seeing a thread on the rasps and their manufacture. I had plans of buying one to see how good they were, the video on their web site looked amazing and was enough to convince me I should spend some money on one of these hand crafted delights.


I made my choice of weapon (300mm cabinetmakers in 8 grain, right-hand, base model “Traditional”) and Noel Liogier made and posted it to me just before going on holidays.  To ensure I was comparing apples for apples I bought an Auriou 6 grain which is also hand made in France as a comparison. The grain was slightly different but close enough that I thought I could judge how good or bad they are. I already had several near new Nicolson rasps, a 49 and 50, as a mass produced comparison.

On getting both the Liogier and Auriou they looked almost identical, similar length, weight, toe tapper and handles. I got the Auriou first so had used it on a couple of small jobs first and had thought that if I had known how good they were I would have bought one years ago. Compared to the off the shelf varieties that I had had in the past, this was a whole different ball game. Then the Liogier arrived and I started on my next carving. I compared the two rasps side by side and yes the Liogier was even better again. I could not only feel the difference – I could hear the difference. Even when the rasp was fully loaded with wood filling the grains the Liogier would still cut. The Auriou is still a very good and very similar rasp and I would still be very happy to buy another but Noel’s are just that much better again.

I also found myself using these rasps for a lot more jobs than I have in the past as they are so much better to use. Even to small jobs like putting the bevel on a dowel before driving it in, they are a joy to use. »

Full thread here.

Another post from the same user a couple of weeks later, here : « (…) when I was doing the carved legs on the other table I got to give the rasps another good run but as before even though the Liogier (8) was a finer grain I found it took more wood off quicker and smoother than the courser Auriou (6) »


  • Robert, a retired wood and stone carver, UK :

« The company « Liogier » are producing undisputably the finest hand made rifflers and rasps in the world ».


  • Dave, a woodworker in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, USA :

« Using your rasps is an intoxicating pleasure !« 


  • Paola, sculpteur à Paris, France :

« Je découvre vos outils. Je suis heureuse de voir que des artisans sont encore à nos côtés car sans de bons outils on ne peut pas faire grand chose ! Bravo aussi pour votre site, notamment la vidéo est bien faite et très instructive .« 


  • René, ébéniste d’art dans le Vaucluse, France :

« Bravo! Votre savoir-faire est magnifique et la qualité de vos outils est à peine croyable. Vous mériteriez de vous faire mieux connaître… »

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