Liogier, hand-stitched rasps and rifflers, made with the deepest respect for tradition and the highest standards of craftmanship

The making of our hand-stitched rasps begins with a careful selection of steels casted in France to our specifications. Only some very specific grades (chemical composition) of steel must be used. Then all phases of work (forging, rolling, cutting, annealing, grinding, polishing) are conducted in the purest tradition of methods and procedures that have proven themselves for many decades.

All these operations prepare for the creating of the teeth (or sewing): this is the primary operation, the longest, most accurate and sensitive, requiring a very special skill. The goal is to obtain a rasp with thousands of teeth, hand-stitched one by one using home-made hammers and punches, providing a biting into wood, stone, resin, plastics, etc. that will bring comfort in the use and performance with an incomparable surface of finish.

Last but not least; the heat treatment will give to the tool the required hardness, its resistance that will make your hand-stitched tool close to perfection.

But rather than words, here’s a short video that will reveal some of my secrets:

If need be, you can also see this video here on YouTube.


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