Surgical rasps for implants

For over 30 years, we are a partner rigorous, reliable and responsive to the stitching of surgical rasps.




These rasps, made of stainless steel, are used by the surgeon to carve out a recess in the bone into which the implant that is to be permanently set inside the body (artificial joint for the hips, knee, shoulder, finger, etc.) is inserted.



The rasp blanks are provided by the customer.


The toothing is done accordingly to the specifications of the customers as regards :

  • the toothing area
  • direction of toothing
  • shape of teeth (see below)
  • the height of teeth, from 0,3 mm till 1,2 mm.
  • the teeth density
  • other specifications


Different types of teeth are possible : triangular (left), round (right).





For each product, we provide a certificate and a dimensional measurements.

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