Hand-cut rifflers and spurs for stone work

If you hesitate, remember that the most frequently used tools to start are :

  • the stone riffler #1, 8″, grain # 10
  • the stone riffler #2, 8″, grain # 10
  • the stone riffler #6, 8″, grain # 10

Need some advice to choose ? Want a special shape of rasp ? Please feel free to ask me, I’ll do my best to help you.


1. Stitching grains

Grains are numbered from # 1 (the coarsest) to # 15 (the finest).

By coarse, we mean that in a given area there will be fewer but higher teeth than that for a finer grain.

So the first numbers are used for roughing, one pass of the tool removing much material. The high numbers are used for finishing work, to achieve a flawless surface.



Warning ! During the stitching operation of the teeth, we direct them to optimize the work of aright-handed user.

On request (and without no additional cost because it’s no more difficult to stitch for us), all these models are stitched specialy for left-handers.


2. Models

The 6 rifflers for shaping stone


The six rifflers offer solution to all problems in finishing or accessibility. Each rifflers consists of a combination of two working parts of the seven possible forms.

The 6 models ara available in lentghs from 6″ to 12″ and grains from # 5 till # 13.

Note : the teeth of stone rifflers are specific to the stone work and quite different of those of wood rifflers. Moreover, despite somes are having the same name, the working parts are different between stone and wood rifflers !

Model # 1 : Knife & Bay Leaf

Model # 2 : Rhombus & Bay Leaf

Model # 3 : Spoon & Bay Leaf

Modèle n° 4 : Thumb & Bay Leaf

Model # 5 : Olive & Bay Leaf

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Model # 6 : Rat Tail & Bay Leaf



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These owe their name to their shape. They have the distinction of having inverted teeth which can work by pushing and pulling.


It has proved useful in finishing or polishing the sides and bottom of the grooves. Just like rifflers, its octogonal handle provides comfort and ease in use.



Available in lengths from 7″ till 12″ and grains from # 3 to # 10.


3. The 2 ranges

All these models are produced in two ranges: Traditional & Sapphire.The Traditional range is the standard choice, used at all times.In addition, we have developed a new technical range that highly improves the efficiency of hand-stitched tools.

The Sapphire range is the « ultimate » solution ! More efficient for all materials, this range is especially recommended for hard materials (hardwoods such old oak, hard plastic type Altuglas Ertalon, etc..).


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