The squirrel hand-cut rasp

November 2011

Some time ago, I got in touch with a friendly group of luthiers. Since then, I try to develop a new rasp which is more particularly suited to some violin makers work, and inspired by the famous tiny planes they use :

The idea is inspired by the shape of these tiny planes – for its maneuverability and the accessibility – using a wooden handle. The wood handle receives below a « sole » of steel with the same radii as the tiny planes, and designed to be stitched with quite fine teeth (probably a stitching grain #14). If you click on the picture below to enlarge it you will see the different shape of handles that have been suggested to me so far. For now my preference goes to model in the lower left corner  (thank you Caribou).

All opinions, comments, encouragement, criticism, etc.. are welcome, even on the name to be given to this new rasp.

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