Rasp stitching 101

Great news at the Liogier workshop !

For the first time since 10 years, I have started to train a new stitcher.

The persistence of overload of orders have convinced me to throw myself back (again) into this human adventure . And to tell the truth, it is always the same joy for me to have the opportunity to share my know-how.

So Yves Tardy is now under my wing. With some work and dedication, he should be accepted as a rasp stitcher one day, hopefully around middle of next year.

We know each others since he was a kid, his mother being a close friend to my wife and I. As he grew up, over the years, we lost sight, because of his distant studies, and then his carreer in a big company. We met again end of last year, as he was back in town for the Christmas festivities. During our conversation, it became clear that he wanted to change some things in his life. Well… a couple of months later, here he is !


Good luck to Yves!

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