News – January 2012


You may have noticed the arrival of a category of « accessories » in our online store. This category has currently all the different dimensions of storage boxes. But of course this is only the beginning! Replacement handles are expected to be added soon.

And we also currently work with a local « Compagnon du Devoir » specialized in tapestry-upholstery to create custom-made leather case of the best quality, to store safely your favorite rasps. In addition, we also strive to develop a brush specially adapted for cleaning them …


As you can see, we are open to new products for this section of « accessories », so do not hesitate to make a suggestion ! This blog is also made to have feedback through the comments you can leave.

And finally, here’s a preview of what we will soon be able to offer in the webstore …

4 réponses à News – January 2012

  1. This all sounds great Noel. I will be buying some handles when they are ready. I recently had the saddle maker in the same complex as my Instrument making shop make a case for all my rasps. It was easy compared to the same for chisels… the shisels are so sharp that they cut through leather very easily! If you are interested in what we did I’d be happy to send you a few photos of it.


    • admin_liogier dit :

      Yes Dan, please send me your pictures. We are very curious to learn from a leather craftman from your side of the Ocean. Thanks !

  2. FenceFurniture dit :

    Noel, regarding the brass brushes: I used a small one to clean a Sapphire coated rasp (the new curved Handle Maker’s that you sent out) and I noticed that the surface is now brass coloured :-(. This was a very cheap Chinese brush (the size of a tooth brush), and I assume that because of the poor quality the brass has just worn off the brush because of the hardness of the Sapphire.

    Have you had any experience of this in your testing?

    Regards, Brett

    • admin_liogier dit :

      There is no chance the brush has affected the Sapphire coating, which surely remains unchanged under the brass deposit. I imagine the brush you have used is not made of solid brass but are steel wires covered with brass. So your cleaning operation has done the opposite result due to the high bite of the rasps.