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  • Michael H., an australian woodworker :

“Noel I received your rasps today and they are, simply put, staggeringly good. Thank you for keeping a craft alive into the 22nd century!”

  • Rod, a member of UKWorkshop :

Esto es un extracto de un post en UKWorkshop Forum. El mensaje compleo aqui .

“When I purchased my Aurious a few years ago I tended towards the finer grades as they remove material at a tremendous rate and the Liogier is no exception. I worked on the walnut for no more than 3 or 4 minutes and the rasp left a very clean finish that would only need a bit of sanding to complete.

The  Dick ones are not in the same league. Their cut rate is much slower and they leave a coarse finish. Comparing the two French ones is more difficult especially as I did not have identical types to compare. They both perform very well. The stitching on the Liogier is more uniform/accurate and has a nice balance.

The Auriou handle is perhaps more stylish but the Liogiers is more chunky and I preferred it as it fitted my hand better

The Liogier much cheaper than the A

  • Robert W. Lang, from Popular Woodworking Magazine :

I took some time yesterday afternoon to put the 250mm #9 grain, and 200mm #11 grain into action in shaping this walnut handle, and was pleased with this short test drive. Both rasps were sharp, removed material expeditiously and left a nice surface, everything I would expect in a first class rasp. These also had a great feel to them, nicely balanced and with a great deal of control. Some tools feel like they are part of your hands, and these are in that class of tool.

There is a video on the company’s website that shows the process, and when you understand the work that goes into making a great rasp, they begin to seem like a bargain instead of an extravagance.

Full article here.

  • Mark Aylward, un ebanista profesional de Australia  (su página web) :

Este es un extracto de un post en el foro de Australia “Woodwork Forums“.

“Like many others on the forum, I was already drooling after seeing a thread on the rasps and their manufacture. I had plans of buying one to see how good they were, the video on their web site looked amazing and was enough to convince me I should spend some money on one of these hand crafted delights.

I made my choice of weapon (300mm cabinetmakers in 8 grain, right-hand, base model “Traditional”) and Noel Liogier made and posted it to me just before going on holidays.  To ensure I was comparing apples for apples I bought an Auriou 6 grain which is also hand made in France as a comparison. The grain was slightly different but close enough that I thought I could judge how good or bad they are. I already had several near new Nicolson rasps, a 49 and 50, as a mass produced comparison.

On getting both the Liogier and Auriou they looked almost identical, similar length, weight, toe tapper and handles. I got the Auriou first so had used it on a couple of small jobs first and had thought that if I had known how good they were I would have bought one years ago. Compared to the off the shelf varieties that I had had in the past, this was a whole different ball game. Then the Liogier arrived and I started on my next carving. I compared the two rasps side by side and yes the Liogier was even better again. I could not only feel the difference – I could hear the difference. Even when the rasp was fully loaded with wood filling the grains the Liogier would still cut. The Auriou is still a very good and very similar rasp and I would still be very happy to buy another but Noel’s are just that much better again.”

El mensage completo aq.

Otro mensage del mismo artesano un par de semanas despues, aq.

  • Paola, escultora en Paris :

“Acabo de descubrir sus herramientas, y estoy encantada que sigue siendo artesanos para procuranos con herramientas de verdad. Porque nosotros escultores, sin escofinas como Dios manda, no podemos hacer nada !”

  • René, ebanista en Vaucluse :

“¡Bravo ! Su experienca es muy encantadora y la calidad de sus escofinas es simplemente increíble. No supon. Nunca me imaginé lo que se puede conseguir con una buena escofina…”

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