A Concave Hand-Cut Rasp ?

December 2011

I received several requests, including from manufacturers of saw-handles – professional and amateur – for a new curved rasps : curved yes, but the other way ! That is to say a curved rasps in which the half-round stitched side would be concave rather than convex.

The other side (the flat one) remains toothless (the « safe side ») in order to not take the risk to damage the piece in progress (as it can easily occur for example when rasping the inner part of a saw-handle). Here is the picture of one of the first concave rasps I have just made.

So far, I treated these requests as special orders. But as they tend to multiply, I decided to add this concave shape to my range … After all, when you already have over 800+ models, who would mind about adding a couple more :-)

The shape being quite clear now, it only remains to determine the correct cross-sections of steel to be used. But be careful, it is imperative to choose among the steel sections I already use (see the table below), be it for the Cabinet Makers rasps, the Half-Round rasps, the Modellers rasps or even the Very Tapered rasps.

All opinions, comments, encouragement, criticism, etc.. are welcome!


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