A Concave Hand-Cut Rasp ?

December 2011

I received several requests, including from manufacturers of saw-handles – professional and amateur – for a new curved rasps : curved yes, but the other way ! That is to say a curved rasps in which the half-round stitched side would be concave rather than convex.

The other side (the flat one) remains toothless (the « safe side ») in order to not take the risk to damage the piece in progress (as it can easily occur for example when rasping the inner part of a saw-handle). Here is the picture of one of the first concave rasps I have just made.

So far, I treated these requests as special orders. But as they tend to multiply, I decided to add this concave shape to my range … After all, when you already have over 800+ models, who would mind about adding a couple more 🙂

The shape being quite clear now, it only remains to determine the correct cross-sections of steel to be used. But be careful, it is imperative to choose among the steel sections I already use (see the table below), be it for the Cabinet Makers rasps, the Half-Round rasps, the Modellers rasps or even the Very Tapered rasps.

All opinions, comments, encouragement, criticism, etc.. are welcome!


Une réponse à A Concave Hand-Cut Rasp ?

  1. FenceFurniture dit :

    Good afternoon (Oz time)
    As one of the collaborators in the development of these curved rasps I think having a blog on the development is a great idea! Congratulations on your continued receptiveness to new ideas – it is very refreshing to see (and unfortunately all too rare!).

    Our first delivery of your wonderful tools arrived in Australia last week, and the people who have received them are absolutely delighted with them. Your delivery was prompt, accurate and very well organised. As a result of their comments in our woodworking forum there has been a substantial increase in people wishing to purchase Liogier Rasps!

    Best regards